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Tal Anderson in an orange floral turtleneck, and jeans, sits crosslegged, eyes closed.

Tal  Anderson grew up in SW Florida with her parents, and 2 younger brothers.  She began acting at 15 when she struggled with social interaction prompting her mom to sign her up for acting classes. That and her natural curiosity about film making, set her on a path towards a lifelong career. She attended college to better understand the film industry and gain technical skills with a B.S. in Film from Full Sail University, where she graduated as valedictorian. After college, she moved to Southern California for an internship in post-production, and began pursuing her career as a filmmaker and professional actor. 

Tal’s favorite part of acting is the process of breaking down a scene and character, and the challenge of analyzing the role. When she’s not acting, she flexes her creative muscles with editing and writing. She’s an avid horror movie fan, lover of rock music, and is a true crime enthusiast. She recently launched the Hairy Yarns Podcast, a Horror Podcast with co-host Kayla Cromer, where she is able to combine many of these talents and interests.


When it comes to her presence in the public eye, she wants people to see her as a real person who’s doing their job authentically and doing their best to advocate for equality and disability. She has permanently relocated to Los Angeles, where she lives with her cat Winifred. 




Tal Anderson is a storyteller and an advocate for change, using her voice and platform as an actor to support inclusion and authentic representation in Hollywood. She is best known for her work in the Netflix series "Atypical" as 'Sid', a role specifically developed for her, and as Gia in Amazon Studios' "As We See It." She can be heard as the English voice of the lead character, 'Tina', in the upcoming Disney Plus series Team Chocolate, and seen guest-starring in NBC's Magnum P.I. Season 5 as Becca Sullivan. As an autistic artist, she uses her unique position to advocate for disability rights in the workplace and inclusivity in front and behind the camera in Hollywood.

She has furthered her acting training at the Nancy Banks Studio, the Groundlings for comedy and improv, the Alexander Techworks studio for movement, and Voicecaster for voiceover. She has also appeared in a variety of short films, but one of the projects she is most proud of is a lead role in a national  campaign for the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Delivering Jobs initiative, in partnership with Best Buddies and Special Olympics, promoting jobs for disabled people. Her role in the campaign ran from 2019-2020 and included two PSAs (directed by Jason Zada and Holly Robinson Peete), magazine print ads, and a Times Square takeover. Additionally, every year she makes a film for the Disability Film Challenge, which is sponsored by Adobe, Netflix, Prime Video, Sony, and Warner Media, to name a few. 

Furthering the push for inclusivity she has taken on several passion projects. Most notably, she is an official ambassador for Awareness Ties, whose mission is to tell stories by real people to create real change, and is involved with The Inspire Project,  which focuses on empowering students to become leaders today through innovative mentorship and action, and whose past speakers include Garth Brooks, and head of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Dr. Kathryn Sullivan.   


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