Atypical Season 4 poster with Keir Gilchrist as Sam and a penguin swimming

ATYPICAL Netflix S3 and S4

Sony Picture Television

2019 - 2021

Tal Anderson joined Atypical in 2019 for Season 3 with the introduction of her recurring character, Sid.  Sid is a college student at Denton University and befriends Sam.  In Season 4, Sid returns in full force, ready to come to Sam's aid.

AS WE SEE IT Amazon Prime S1
NBC/Universal Television
2021 - Current

Tal Anderson will be recurring as Gia, in the new Jason Katims/NBC-Universal Television series, As We See It, coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. 

My Sister Harper poster of 2 sisters sitting at a rooftop table at dusk with the city in back
December 2020

Harper, (Tal Anderson), is a recent high school graduate who also happens to be autistic. She visits her older sister played by Katie Boland, for the weekend. What Harper doesn't know is that after this weekend her family will be moving her to an assisted living facility for young adults with disabilities. As a result, the two sisters discover a bond that cannot be broken.

Fresh Start poster. A young woman lays on carpet upside down wearing glasses and a pink shirt
April 2019

Tasha, (Tal Anderson) wants nothing more than to get a job working at the Dog Groomers, and relies on her Sister, Mimi to help her reach her goal.

Talia documentary poster. an open door with another door inside of it and Tal Anderson with glasses
February 2018

Tal plays herself in this documentary by  director, Rozzi Osterman. The film follows a charming and introverted young woman with Autism as she develops her acting skills for her aspiring career and her life. 

Delivering Jobs Print Ad with Tal Anderson standing in a striped shirt and black leather jacket
Fall 2019/2020

Tal Anderson was part of a national campaign for Delivering which included a PSA, a national print campaign, and a Times Square takeover in 2019 where she played a gallery owner and narrator.  In the 2020 PSA produced by Holly Robinson Peete, Tal can be heard doing voiceover in the narration.

Joy Movie poster. Blue background with a single yellow balloon floating
July 2018

Joy is Tal Anderson's first film. She produced, directed, wrote, and edited the film herself. Through a collaboration of actors from all over the world, explore what happens when you focus on the positive, in this simple feel-good micro-short.

Serendipity and Me poster of Tal Anderson sitting with a black cat on her lap. Both are bored
July 2020

This documentary written by Tal Anderson, investigates the effects isolation and the 2020 pandemic have had on her, using her cat to demonstrate that despite the circumstances, we can all reclaim unexpected joy in our lives if we put in the work and allow ourselves to discover the possibilities.

LIFE TRIRALS poster smaller.png
April 2022

A wholesome story about how the simplest things in life can sometimes seem insurmountable, Through a series of trials, and with the help of his no-nonsense super-friend, an anxiety-ridden Red Magus. is able to overcome his performance anxiety to gather his courage to overcome his biggest obstacle.