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Joy - written, directed, and edited by Tal Anderson completed and in festival circulation

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Director Tal Anderson's film, Joy, selected for 5 film festivals, nominations, and awards

Screenshot from director Tal Anderson's short film, "Joy."

Through a collaboration of actors from all over the world, explore what happens

when you focus on the positive, in this simple feel-good micro-short.

STARRING : Ian Laing   Josh Hayes   Tom Rose.  Tal Anderson   Zeff Lawless   Ross K Foad   Charlotte Rinaldi 

FULL CAST : Tal Anderson   Tristus Bumm    Isis Caljé   CJ Collard    Jeynelle Dean-Hayes   Morgane Le Thuaut   Lily Everest   Ross K Foad   Serena Hasan   Josh Hayes   Charisse Hogan   Mina Janjatovic    Ian Laing   Zeff Lawless   Juliet Lochrin   Ferinaz Mousavi   Kylie Paish   Charlotte Rinaldi   Sky Rose   Tom Rose   Holly Smith   Dwaine Thomas   Derek James Trapp   Alexandra Vinoigt



PRODUCED BY. Violet Sky Media

Award Winning Short Film

Joy was selected for screening into 6 international film festivals, and received 2 award nominations. It also received a Best Director Award for an Experimental Short.

The film was cast remotely using actors from across the globe who self-taped their responses to the question: "what keeps you positive?" It was a "joy" making this film. "As a young person living in America in 2018, I often find myself sad, worried, angry and frustrated by the things I see in the news and around me. Making this film helped me deal with some of that, and when I watch it myself I feel the simple goodness in people and it gives me hope." - Tal Anderson

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