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"Anderson, in particular, effectively delivers one-liners."

  - Houston Chronicle (2021)


Tal  Anderson grew ups in SW Florida with her parents, and 2 younger brothers.  She began acting at 15 years old when she struggled with social interaction prompting her mom to sign her up for acting classes. That and her natural curiosity about film making, set her on a path towards a lifelong career. She attended college to better understand the film industry and gain technical skills with a B.S. in Film from Full Sail University, graduating valedictorian. After college, she moved to Southern California for an internship in post-production, and began pursuing her career as a filmmaker and professional actor. 

Tal’s favorite part of acting is the process of breaking down a scene and character, and the challenge of analyzing the who, what, where, when, and why of a role. When she’s not acting, she flexes her creative muscles with editing and writing. She’s an avid horror movie fan, lover of rock music, and is a true crime enthusiast. When it comes to her presence in the public eye, she wants people to see her as a real person who’s doing their job authentically and doing their best to advocate for equality and disability. She has permanently relocated to Los Angeles, where she lives with her cat Winifred. 


Tal Anderson in an orange floral turtleneck, and jeans, sits crosslegged, eyes closed.

"I feel like everyone, not just those of

us who are neurodiverse, deserve to see stories on screen that make them feelseen. So, authentic representation

in general, is  really important."

                                - Tal Anderson

"Tal Anderson's Sid is hilarious as she commissions him to draw some of the most ridiculous cat portraits for money."  

             - News 24

Tal Anderson in a black  dress, in front of the official poster, at the S3 Atypical Screening event.


Tal Anderson is a storyteller and an advocate for change, using her voice and platform as an actor to support inclusion and authentic representation in Hollywood. She is best known for her work in the Netflix series "Atypical" as 'Sid', a role specifically developed for her, and as Gia in Amazon Studios' "As We See It." She can be heard as the voice of the lead character, 'Tina', in the upcoming Disney Plus series Tytgat Chocolat, and seen guest-starring in NBC's Magnum P.I. Season 5 as Becca Sullivan. As an autistic artist, she uses her unique position to advocate for disability rights in the workplace and inclusivity in front and behind the camera in Hollywood.

She has furthered her acting training at the Nancy Banks Studio, the Groundlings for comedy and improv, and Voicecaster. She has also appeared in a variety of short films, but one of the projects she is most proud of is a lead role in a national 

campaign for the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Delivering Jobs initiative, in partnership with Best Buddies and Special Olympics promoting jobs for disabled people. The role in the campaign ran from 2019-2020 and included two PSAs (directed by Jason Zada and Holly Robinson Peete), magazine print ads, and a Times Square takeover. Additionally, every year she makes a film for the Disability Film Challenge, which is sponsored by Adobe, Netflix, Prime Video, Sony, and Warner Media, to name a few. 

Furthering the push for inclusivity she has taken on several passion projects. She is an official ambassador for Awareness Ties, whose mission is to tell stories by real people to create real change, and is involved with The Inspire Project,  which focuses on empowering students to become leaders today through innovative mentorship and action, and whose past speakers include Garth Brooks, and head of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Dr. Kathryn Sullivan.   

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"In her audition, which I think was like one line, it was a tiny little thing that we watched, she [Anderson] just popped off the screen,  we were like, 'who is this? And we need to see more of her.' And so Robia just kept thinking about her and came up with a whole new role."   

- Mary Rohlich, Atypical  Producer


Tal Anderson - Interview.PNG


Issue 38/ The Divergent Edition 

April 7, 2023

Flipping the Script: A New Narrative for Neurodiversity Exclusive Interview with Tal Anderson:  Read Here

Picture in Picture: 

An Original Script by Tal Anderson: Read the Script Here

Tal Hollywood Reporter.png


June 23, 2022


Upon the Entertainment Industry Foundation's (EIF) 80th anniversary, actress and filmmaker, Tal Anderson, spoke to THR about their Delivering Jobs initiative. Read Here

Cut sheet of Forbes Article. Photo of Tal Anderson sitting on grey background in white dress.


October 15, 2020

Growing Up With Autism, She Never Saw Herself On TV. Now On “Atypical,” She Strives To Show Others With Disabilities “Characters They Can Relate To.”

Read Here

Houston Chronicle Article with image of Tal Anderson as Sid in Atypical Season 4


July 11, 2021

“Anderson, in particular, effectively delivers one-liners...”

Listen to the Article Here

Forbes article showing Coby Bird, Samantha Hyde, Lillian Carrier, Tal Anderson, and Alex Plank


Nov 24, 2020


Sia’s Trailer For “Music” Struck A Nerve With The Disabled  Community.  Her Tweets Only Made Things Worse

Read the Article Here

Zoom panel with LA Times. Tal is present with Producers, Keir, Brigette, Dom, and Consultants.


July 12, 2021


Join the cast and creative team of Atypical as they reflect back on the series and the final season. Read/Watch Here

Tal Anderson - Monday.png

GMA 3: What You Need to Know 

ABC NEWS ::   April 11, 2022

Actor champions inclusivity in front of the camera.  Meet Tal Anderson, the young actor, filmmaker and disabilities advocate shining a spotlight on her fellow storytellers and highlighting the contributions of people with autism.

Watch the Interview Here

Newsweek Article showing Tal Anderson and Keir Gilchrist in Season 4 of Atypical


July 12, 2021


“Over the course of the show, autistic actors have been welcomed into the cast, such as Tal Anderson.”

Read  Here

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 1.47.41 AM.png


April 11, 2022

The Importance of Storytelling::  An Interview with Tal Anderson -- And why representation matters on screen and in real life.

Red the Interview Here

tal Good Day LA.png

Good Day L.A.  

April 28, 2022

Actress and Producer, Tal Anderson, on Hollywood and Making Dreams Come True.:

Michaela Pereira talks with Tal about advocacy , and her dream role.

Watch the Interview Here

The Divergent Edition.PNG

April 7, 2023

Issue with 38/The Divergent Edition 

Tal Anderson is featured on the cover, and Inside the Divergent Edition we invite you to explore outside what you think you knew to find what you've never known...

Read Here

Cover of Times of the Islands Magazine. Cover is cream with a picture of a shell on the front
Cover of Cape Coral Living magazine. Tal Anderson in a hat and bright pink shirt with white dots




March/April 2020 Issue and 


March/April 2020 Issue 

In a way, Tal Anderson feels like she’s been acting her entire life.  Read Here

Logo for the Lounge Experience Podcast and announcement of Tal Anderson as special guest


Special Guest- Tal Anderson

Tal discusses her film, Serendipity and Me and what she learned while quarantined with her cat.  Listen Now


HAIRY YARNS v3 small.png


Co-Hosts: Tal Anderson and Kayla Cromer

Hairy Yarns is a narrative serial horror podcast hosted by actors Tal Anderson and Kayla Cromer, and features original dramatic tales inspired by real-life creepy occurrences, legends, and myths. 

 Listen Now


Not Your Mama's Autism Podcast logo shows a picture of Host who is a beautiful black woman in white


A Candid Conversation with Tal Anderson, One of the Stars of the Netflix Series 

“Atypical.”    Listen Now

Indian podcast.jpg


Special Guest- Tal Anderson

Berthodoler Caravan is an audio narrative show, brought to you by Team Bertho, where intimate life experiences and wisdom of individuals from all around the world are shared through 1-3 minute long episodes.  Listen Now

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