Tal Anderson is a  Los Angeles-based Film and Television actor and model, known for her recurring co-star role in the Sony Pictures/Netflix original series "Atypical," as "Sidney". Tal has also joined the new NBC/Universal TV production for Amazon Prime in a recurring costar role for this series produced/written by Jason Katims.  She also just completed a SAG/AFTRA short film "My Sister Harper," and a short produced in L.A., "Fresh Start" in leading roles. Other recent work includes a national campaign including a PSA directed by Jason Zada for Delivering Jobs in partnership with Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), Autism Speaks, Best Buddies, and Special Olympics. She has been part of other projects including a pilot presentation with Wanda Sykes; and an HP Product Launch. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Tal was a principal member of the cast of SKITz, an award-winning television comedy series broadcast on Dish Network and VH2 in Atlanta. She starred in a multi-award winning documentary directed by Rozzi Osterman, and has written and produced several films including "Joy," that she wrote, directed, and edited, which was nominated for several awards, including a win for Best Director for in 2018, and "Serendipity and Me," a personal documentary that has been screened at 13 film festivals worldwide. 


In addition to acting, Tal Anderson holds a B.S. in Film and is a film industry professional, trained in a wide array of film production positions. She is a talented and working film editor, ( click to view editing portfolio ) experienced in the use of Premiere Pro, and an AVID Media Composer Certified User. 


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